The warranty period is the period during which Timotheus undertakes to replace the product in question or to repair it free of charge if significant defects are found which are due to the Manufacturer’s fault. If repair or replacement cannot be made, the Buyer may choose another product that is in stock or return the money during this period.

The warranty is given for a period of 60 daysduring this period you can use the warranty and give us the shoes to correct major deficiencies.

Custom tailoringis a pair made to the measurements of your foot, made according to individual wishes of color, leather and sole.

Guarantee shoes made to individual measurements is made only if there is a hidden defect. With your consent, we will take the shoes to repair the defect as soon as possible. If you can’t fix a hidden defect, we’ll sew a pair of shoes for you for free.

All shoes are made individually to your measurements, so we guarantee that the shoes fit perfectly. But such shoes will still need to wear. At first the shoes will be very tight and even stiff. After 3 socks the shoes will fit perfectly, and you will enjoy a quality and comfortable pair.

If you make a pair immediately soft and comfortable, then after 4-5 socks it will become large and loose for you, which will lead to improper kinks and even peel the sole. That’s why custom-made shoes fit quite tightly at first.

The shoe warranty is 60 days from the time you pick up a pair of shoes in the showroom.

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